Welcome to the website of the new Amsterdam Society for Medical Social Scientists!

Our mission is to contribute to the future of Medical Anthropology and Sociology students by empowering their professional and academic networks and supporting career-related skill development.

We are a network of students, alumni, professionals and academics with an interest in the field of Medical Anthropology and Sociology. We have a shared commitment to the advancement of this field and wish to achieve this by assisting current and former students to make the next step in their professional and/or academic careers.

We are looking for individuals in Amsterdam, Europe and beyond who are interested in this field and wish to support our mission by joining the ASMSS network.

The Amsterdam Society for Medical Social Scientists is a new society which has been called into life in 2016 by students of the UvA master Medical Anthropology and Sociology. They noticed that there was no organised form of contact between students, alumni and potential employers.The ASMSS hopes to change that. Our goals is to build bridges between students, alumni and the workplace.

Although the ASMSS was raised with the students and alumni of the MAS programme of the UvA in mind, people of other backgrounds with an interest in medical social science are also most welcome.

We will organize events on a regular basis with the goal of building bridges and strengthening bonds. Join us at a film screening, a career workshop or for drinks. These events are free for current year MAS students and alumni who joined the UvA Alumni Association (AUV). Sign up here and enjoy other benefits such as discount on Open UvA courses, CREA courses, certain cultural institutions, books, and more.