Amsterdam Alumni Association

Joining the University of Amsterdam Alumni Association (AUV)

We are happy to announce that we joined the University of Amsterdam Alumni Association (AUV) on November 4th this year. This entails that from this point on, we will be both an alumni society as well as a student organisation. This will enable us to better achieve our goals of bridging education and practice together, as well as strengthen bonds between students and those in the field. 

Joining the AUV has many advantages for our organisation, such as a membership card that also serves as a discount card at many cultural institutions as well as a UVA library card. Read more about the AUV and its’ benefits here.

For those who already a member this structural change to our organisation will have some consequences, as the previous membership will seize to exist once the paid for year is up. The following will then be of order:

For current MAS students: you will enjoy a free membership. You will be able to attend almost all of our events for free.
For MAS alumni and others: your current membership will end with the agreed upon period of a year that you paid for. After that, you can join our AUV circle for the annual fee of 35€. This will not only give you free access to all our events, but also the benefits that come with an AUV membership card. If you are interested you can sign up here.

Non-members will still be able to attend some of our events, but for a fee. We hope to welcome you as a member though!